Is it worth investing in this type of food?

In general, organic products are more expensive than non-organic ones. “However, when comparing prices, we realize that consuming meat, fats, and vegetables in natura – organic or not – is much cheaper than consuming industrialized products, such as bread, sweets, ice cream, cookies and bars, breakfast cereals, yogurts, and dairy drinks, cookies and bars, breakfast cereals, yogurts and dairy drinks, ready-made soups, juices, frozen lazanella, nuggets, potato French fries and snacks, cheese, sausage, salami, mortadella, canned peas, corn, tomatoes, etc. “
Regarding non-organic fresh foods – fruits and vegetables, meat and fats – being cheaper than organic ones, Larissa believes it is important to consider the price one pays with one’s own health and quality of life.

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