What is organic food?

Definition of organic product

A 100% sustainable production process is based on premises that range from not using pesticides in plantations to rules that guarantee the quality of the producers’ work environment and sustainable methods of distribution and commercialization.

Organic production certificate
For a product to be classified as organic food, the producer must be recognized and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and, thus, receive a stamp that helps to identify it when consuming or buying it.

Only family farmers registered by social control organizations are exempt from obtaining this certification.

Benefits of consuming organic products
There are many benefits to choosing to consume organic products – and that is why this practice has more and more followers around the world. By prioritizing the consumption of organic products you

Ensures a more sustainable food production routine in the world;
Favor the development of small local producers;
Minimize the ingestion of products that have had contact with agro toxics or other chemical products;
Protect the environment, conserve the soil, and value biodiversity.

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