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"I started training mixed martial arts with Mr. Juan when I was only 4 years old and earned my black belt when I was 16. Mr. Juan made it a point to know the name of all his students in every class. He inspired and motivated us to do our best while teaching us confidence and discipline. He set goals that were challenging but attainable".

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"I can't say enough about Mr. Juan and the skilled and positive motivator he has been for my two children, teaching them Mixed Martial Arts. For the past 10 years, Mr. Juan has provided a fun and safe atmosphere where they can feel accepted and fulfilled."
"I never thought that after I signed my 4 year old daughter up to train with Mr. Juan, that I too would not only train with him, but that we would both go on to earn our black belts under his training! He has a unique way of teaching, demonstrating and encouraging his students."
"Mr. Juan is probably the most important person in my life besides immediate family. Throughout 10 years of classes, he has not only helped me progress through the literal and metaphorical ranks of Martial Arts, but he has also instilled in me invaluable lessons of humility, respect, perseverance and control that will last a lifetime.
"I can't say enough about Juan and what he has meant to our family. Juan is a true martial artist, not only concerned with improving his own art, but also incredibly passionate and generous in helping his students develop their own.Seeing our son go from a quiet little beginner to a mature Black Belt was a source of great pride and joy!"
Mr. Juan taught my two children for over ten years. My family and I not only consider him a great instructor, but also a good family friend. His ability to make lessons serious but fun is his greatest skill and the reason my children keep coming back
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