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It is normal that with the passing of the years our skin gets that aged aspect: wrinkles, flaccidity, expression lines, lack of hydration...
However, thanks to science it is possible to contain the impacts of aging through injectable treatments without losing the essence of your face.
With injectable treatments we can align and correct facial angles with the objective of treating and maintaining the naturalness of your face, recovering your best features.


-Support wires
-Botulinum Toxin
-Facial Fillers
-Lip Filler
-Botulinum Toxin
-Collagen Bio-stimulators

Frequently Asked Questions

There was a time when rejuvenation treatments were the target of prejudice and resistance from patients who feared to intervene in an area as delicate as the face.

Facial esthetics has advanced a lot in the last years and some procedures can be done in a calm way and the results are more and more natural.

In case you are still insecure, contact us to clarify the points that most generate insecurity in you.

There is no certain age for the first application, but, starting at the age of 30, it already has a preventive effect that is important in the prevention of wrinkles

The action of the substance is temporary. Because it is a natural component of the body, hyaluronic acid is absorbed over time. Thus, there is no problem in applying it repeatedly.

It is necessary to be careful, only, with the quality of the product and the choice of the professional to perform the procedure, but adverse effects are rare.

Botulinum Toxin

Ut efficitur viverra

Botulinum Toxin

Ut efficitur viverra


Ut efficitur viverra

Facial Fillers

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